"Kiah is one of those rare announcers who can genuinely engage an audience, light up a room, be laugh out loud funny, and a great guy in the hallways.

His passion for the business and the medium is infectious and his presence on the airwaves is electric."

- Ronnie Stanton, VP Programming, Alpha Media, US

"Brilliant, clever, hilarious, charms the ladies, impresses the guys. Equally adept on-camera and on-mic. Plans his show obsessively, fun to work with, low drama. Can eat his own weight in sushi rolls.

A one in a million talent, honestly, call me if you have any doubt and I will talk some sense into you."

- Jeff McHugh, Morning Show Talent Coach, The Randy Lane Company, US

"Kiah Tucker is a bright, engaging, fun and funny talent. He's a driven, coachable guy. I was always impressed with how competitive he was with the other morning shows. He wanted to win.. in the best way! I wouldn't hesitate to have Kiah as a teammate again. He's one of the good ones."

- Murray Brookshaw, National Director of Programming, VISTA Radio, Canada